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Sunday, 19 April 2015

A Coastal Walk.

As it was such a lovely day we took ourselves off for a walk around Morte Point. The wind was cold so I wore a bodywarmer with my shorts. As long as my back is warm and I've got something to keep the wind out of my ears I'm fine while Peter was rather more wrapped up.
Now that the school holidays are over there were not too many people around. While we sat and drank our coffee 3 lads passed us on mountain bikes which was rather naughty as bikes are not allowed due to the damage they do to the terrain.
The sheep are back again with their lambs and it is lovely to hear the deep baaing of the ewes and the higher baaing of the lambs.  
We just feel so lucky to have such a wonderful place to walk 20 mins drive from the house.  

Back home I got out the leaf blower to hoover up the worst of the leaves on the scree garden. It is heavy and awkward to carry but while I enjoy carefully picking up every leaf and bit of moss by hand it would take forever and my knee is not doing too well with the kneeling. I planned some time reading out in the sun but the clouds started to gather and it got too cold.


Happyone said...

What a beautiful place to be able to walk. Spectacular views and I too would enjoy seeing the lambs.

Harriet said...

Thank you for answering my question. Your Aubretia is very similar to "creeping phlox" that many people here in Michigan plant. The sheep.........my brother-in-law raised sheep on his farm for many years. I remember well the charming lambs baaing for their mama's, and the mama's very cautiously keeping their babes away from we human. Love the photos of your walk. Beautiful.