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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Back To School.

Having been promised a return to hot weather it was a little disappointing to wake to a chill grey haze. I still got up early and once I had zapped some slabs with the pressure washer and done my morning housework there was time to stick some more mosaic tiles on the wall of the downstairs toilet. Because I'm sticking them on top of the existing tiles (to cover up some red stripes) I first had to cut some wood to put against the wall so that the mosaic tiles didn't slide down before the adhesive dried. It began to warm up and I was able to do some weeding in the scree garden before it was time to leave for work.
By the time I got to school it was indeed beautifully hot and the cherry blossom looked spectacular against the blue sky. I spent a lot of the afternoon outside doing 2 PE lessons with the reception classes as well as playtime. As it had been chilly in the morning I wasn't surprised that only a couple of children had sun hats to wear for PE but I was setting a good example with my blue hat which made them laugh.
Everywhere new leaves are beginning to appear and I've seen a few beech leaves out on my travels though they don't usually appear until the 1st of May. The good weather has set off a flurry of tractors and farm vehicles taking the winter muck heaps out to spread on the fields.
As I drove down the hill on my way home I could see a bank of sea mist rolling in. Luckily it didn't get to our valley and I've pressure washed, weeded and done some painting up by the scree garden all in lovely sunshine.

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