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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Early Start.

It was a bit hard to wake up this morning but then again as I was dreaming about having my arm savaged by an Alsatian dog followed by being involved in a train crash perhaps it was a good thing I interrupted my dreaming. Once I was awake I was greeted by another lovely morning. Driving Peter into town was made easier by the much reduced amount of traffic at that time of the morning. I also got to see the countryside lit up by the rising sun with shadows where I don't normally see them. 
I was back home and had done my first round of pressure washing before 8.00. I actually got to the end of the paving around the scree garden yesterday but I'm not happy with the slabs at the outbuilding end. Being more sheltered means that more of the black algae grows on them and while they do look better than before I cleaned them they are still not that clean. I'd rather remove more of the top layer of concrete to get a good finish and anyway pressure washing has become part of my daily routine.
I had an appointment with the dental hygienist this morning, the only painful part was paying for it and knowing I couldn't claim it on Peter's work insurance which does cover routine NHS dental work. In honour of this spell of lovely weather I wore a skirt to work with flip-flops, a change from my usual leggings and Uggs. That kept me nice and cool through a hot afternoon of phonics and RE followed by a staff meeting about Embedded Formative Assessment. Afterwards I called Peter to see if he needed a lift home but luckily the Rav had been fixed. So I was able to come home and dig up 63 dandelions from the back lawn and rake out some of the moss which is about to take over.


Happyone said...

Doesn't sound like a very pleasant dream! Glad you woke up to a nice day.
We had a bit of snow here this morning!!

Billy said...

I can't believe how much work you get done in one day! Impressive!