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Thursday, 23 April 2015

Tough Cookies.

It looks as though this spell of warm sunny weather is about to come to an end. However today was still lovely. I was at home in the morning and I stayed indoors long enough to bake some chocolate cookies for Peter to take to work tomorrow. Unfortunately, as I was doing my usual cooking by guesswork, I left them in the oven a bit too long (I'd use cocoa in the dough so couldn't tell by the colour if they were done) and instead of being chunky and chewy they are a bit on the hard side. Okay for dunking but they could beak the teeth of the unwary. I made a second lot this evening and having tested one I can vouch that they are nice and chewy.
I had an extra afternoon's work at school. All the work had been planned and the resources prepared but the overhead projector overheated and we were unable to look at the powerpoints with information and the legend of St George (seeing as it's St George's Day). I just made it up as I went along using the minimal information available. After work I went over to B&Q to get some wood to replace the skirting boards in the downstairs toilet. I had all the measurements but annoyingly the wood I needed came in 2.4m lengths, too big to fit in my car. Earlier I had thought about taking a saw with me but then forgot. I asked if it would be possible to have the wood cut down but their only solution was to suggest that I bought a saw and cut the wood in the car park. I was so cross that I marched out, put my trolley back and got in the car before realising that I had put some fungicidal wash in the trolley before I went to look at the wood. So I quickly retrieved the wash, took it back in and paid for it.
When I got home I cut all the grass. By the time I got to the bottom lawn I had an audience checking out what I was doing.

I wouldn't like to argue with this chap. After last year's incursion the farmer came down and rebuilt the wire fence so hopefully I won't be finding footprints in the lawn.
This evening I was back out again attending Marwood parish council meeting along with the rest of the group of neighbours who would be affected by the proposed wind turbine. The applicant was there but the parish council were not swayed by his misleading statements and voted to recommend refusal of the planning application, as had the East Down parish council on Monday. These views will be taken into account by the planning authority who make the decision. 
Sunset on the way home.

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Happyone said...

Love the cows.
Trying putting a piece of bread in with the cookies. That usually softens them up.