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Monday, 27 April 2015

Clear Views.

With no wind it was very warm in the sun today but in the shade of the many clouds it was bitterly cold. I'm not surprised that snow is still being mentioned for Scotland and the north of England. I spent the morning doing carpentry which takes a lot longer than I imagined. 
Driving up the hill to work my way was blocked by farm vehicles. Just out of sight to the left was a loader scooping up the big pile of manure that had been left there last year. I thought the vehicle in front of me was reversing to let me go past when I saw yet another tractor looming ahead. Luckily that one pulled off the road and I had to follow the nearer tractor as it went up the road. Thank goodness it turned off at Ashelford Corner and I could go a bit faster than 20 mph.
We had a few brief showers in the afternoon and had to beat a retreat from the first PE lesson out in the playground. I had a back up plan in the form of a music cd so we did a little singing until it was time for me to go the next class. They fared better with the weather and enjoyed running relay races on the no-mow. We have to use the playground for the main part of the session but it's unforgiving  on the knees when they fall over.
I had to drive the rubbish up the hill when I got home and because it was quite cold the air was really clear.
 These 3 photos are of Dartmoor 60 miles away to the south.
 And from the same spot, Exmoor (about 10 miles away to the east).
PS Patch left the trout in the conservatory and went off hunting again, Speedy came in ..... and the trout was no more.


Happyone said...

Beautiful photos.
I posted a picture today of a tractor driving down the middle of main street. : )

Harriet said...

Lovely photos, Ruta, Speedy--a good name and Patch better eat his trophy unless it's the fishing he really likes.