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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Coastal Walk.

A bit hazier today but still sunny so off we went for another walk around Morte Point. This time we took a slightly longer route going back through the village and down along this path from the well. 
Our route took us off to the right of the picture until we dropped right down to the coast then doubling back which led us to the zig-zag steps on the left.
Rockham Bay was unusually deserted, being the only place you can swim it is usually popular with campers from a large site above the bay. 
 Part of the cliff steps down to the beach had collapsed and the way down was closed.
Coming back on to Morte point itself there were quite a few people around but luckily for most of our walk our views were uncluttered by people. 
The gorse is always in flower but it is looking extra bright at the moment and is nicely set off by the white blossom of the blackthorn. 
When we got home I continued with the pressure washing and after some sitting out in the sun I mowed the grass and then dug out half a bucket of thistles and dandelions from the lawns in an attempt to make them look a bit better. Peter had a go at tightening up the joint where the pipe was dripping and now it is dripping even more. Luckily there is a stop valve in the pipe which he will turn off tonight. He's going into town tomorrow anyway so he'll buy the bits he needs to fix it - hopefully.

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Happyone said...

Oh wow what a great walk you had. Scenery is beautiful.