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Thursday, 30 April 2015

Busy Day.

Having some days when I am working in the afternoon and  have to keep an eye on the time  really makes me appreciate days like today when I have the whole day at home. Once I've had an early cup of tea I set the alarm for 9.00 so that I can have some extra sleep but today was the first time that I wasn't wide awake by 8.00. Instead I was woken by the alarm and started my day a little later than usual. I planned to spend most of the day cracking on with the downstairs toilet. I didn't get quite as far as I thought but I am not a natural DIYer. I can't understand that no matter how many times I measure, use a straight edge to draw lines and cut carefully with the jigsaw there are always adjustments to be made. I mean how did I manage to get a curve along a straight edge? One of my trickiest moments was nailing a strip of tiny wood quadrat molding to the wall to hold the vertical boxing in place. Anyone outside would have heard all sorts of groans and a few rude words as I tackled that task. But the boxing is all done, 3 skirting boards glued to the wall and a first coat of stain stop painted on the water marked ceiling, the toilet walls and anywhere else around the house that needed it. My first job had been to paint some wood hardener on the end of the one skirting board I was leaving in place. That's great stuff, some kind of liquid resin that soaks into the wood and then dries hard. I used most of the tin on a beam in the conservatory which has suffered badly from the water that soaks down behind the stones on the outside of the house.
A nuthatch has been visiting the bird feeder. They spend a lot of their lives upside down as they search for insects on tree trunks. I wonder if a peanut only diet is good for all the chicks whose parents queue up to visit the feeder or should I wait a while before refilling it so that they go off and find some insects?
It's been bright and sunny today and with bad weather due for the weekend I ended the day by cutting all the grass. I was surprised to find it was 7.00 when I packed up outside. I had time to make some chocolate cookies for Peter to take to work tomorrow before I flopped onto the sofa with some melon for my supper.

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Happyone said...

Yummy, those cookies sure look good!!!