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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Bluebell Time.

The bluebells have begun to flower along the road up the hill to the Lewis' farm. They make a lovely show though this year only the white cow parsley is flowering and the buttercups have yet to appear. I love that colour combination hence my white with touches of blue and yellow kitchen. The field on the other side of the hedge was filled with glowing golden dandelions.
This morning I carried on with my carpentry. As there was an extra  board I used it to box in some pipes running along the floor to the radiator. I finished that off when I came home from school though I can see one small adjustment to make. I also cleaned down the tiles after re-grouting. Usually I just buy a tub of fix & grout stuff which is really hard to clean off afterwards but the grout that I mixed up from powder wipes off so easily. 
It's been a bright and breezy day and at school I took the children out onto the field for most of their PE lessons.  
Coming home this afternoon I found 2 cock pheasants squaring up to each other on the drive. I tried to catch them jumping up at each other but then they stalked off across the lawn. 

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Happyone said...

You amaze me with the jobs you tackle on your own.
I too love that color combination.
Beautiful pheasants. Great coloring.