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Saturday, 11 April 2015

More Windows Done.

Daffodils are flowering everywhere making the garden look cheerful. (I was too lazy to use the manual settings to get a proper shot.) The sun has been shining today but the wind is coming from the west and is distinctly chilly.
I was back painting windows again today. (Mid-day photo shows yesterday's and the first of today's  2 done.) It was only as I got to work on our bathroom window that I realised just how awkward it had been yesterday not being able to put a chair by the window to step on. So now not only do I have a lot of small bruises on my forearms (which look suspiciously like finger marks) but I've got bigger bruises on my upper arms from leaning on the window trying to reach the furthest bricks. It's the medication I'm on that makes me bruise easily but I'll have to make sure sure that people at work know how I've got the bruises or they might start getting worried. I've already washed down the brickwork on the end window so I can get straight on with the painting tomorrow.
Wisteria buds ready to open soon.
Peter had a long physiotherapy session yesterday so he hasn't mentioned plumbing today and I'm keeping quiet. I'm still tidying up things in the outbuildings and this afternoon I wrestled with some barbed wire trying to tie it into a  compact roll before putting it out of the way. Barbed wire is horrible stuff and now that it is tied into submission and won't rip my car I may get rid of it at the dump. 
The winter flowering heathers have brightened the garden for weeks now and have attracted all sorts of bees. When I walk past the heather is simply buzzing. Another new noise is the squawking of the newly hatched rooks in the main rookery. Not the most melodious of birds.


Harriet said...

Daffodils and heather blooming what a treat. I can see your paint job...........almost done. You are truly a hard working woman...I salute you.

Happyone said...

The blooming heather is beautiful.
I should wash my windows. : )