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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Down to the Dump.

It was overcast at home this morning but sunny out on the coast. I know this because I loaded up my car with more stuff for the dump, mostly rusty old metal things. I also dragged out a very heavy band-saw which used to belong to Peter's dad. I thought it would be easier to get it onto the front seat rather than trying to heave it into the back of the car. (Note small black and white cat in the window, Speedy always investigates vehicles that are left open.) Down at the dump I asked one of the staff there to take it out of the car. I went to the Ilfracombe recycling centre as it's a nice country drive to get there and I  didn't need to go into Barnstaple. I did call in at the Tesco's to stock up on frozen vegetables there even though I was wearing my grubby work clothes.
Back home I cut all the grass before the rain set in during the late afternoon.

Then out came the box of hair dye/bleach and I had a go at refreshing my ombre look. In the 'before' photo the lightened ends are hardly noticeable while in the 'after' photo the ends are a bit lighter. (More noticeable in reality.) I only mixed up half of the chemicals so I may have a second try to go a bit lighter. 
Before I started on my hair I made a batch of chocolate muffins for Peter to take to work tomorrow. Then he came home and told me he is off for the next 10 days. I knew he was taking some holiday over Easter but I'm sure he never told me exactly when. For one moment I even thought he was playing an April Day fool's joke on me but nope. Let's hope we have some visitors soon. 

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