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Sunday, 26 April 2015

Been Fishing.

The day started off windy and distinctly cold. I had to put a coat on for my morning pressure washing. (The end of that job is in sight.) By the afternoon the sun had made an appearance and there hasn't been a cloud in the sky for the last few hours. Peter and I sat out in the sun in the afternoon and even after 20 years it still feels like being on holiday.
I've been getting on with the work in the downstairs toilet and things are progressing nicely. I found some cement so my first job was to concrete in the holes in the outer wall. A bit more general cleaning of the last corner and a good soaking with fungicide and I was ready to get on with boxing in the pipework. Peter brought me back 2 more conti boards (I'd only asked for 1!) when he went in to town for a session at the gym, (The sports physio has given him specific exercises to work on.) so that I could box in some pipes that run down from the ceiling. Then it was time to begin assembling all my carefully cut pieces. That was after collecting up; drill, drill bits, box of screws, box of screw drivers, electric jig saw and safety glasses and bringing them into the conservatory which is currently my workshop. So far I've put together at least half of the pieces and I may get it all done in a day or two. I also had a bag of grout which I mixed up and went over the whole of the tiled wall and as I had some left over I re-grouted some of the kitchen tiles too. 

Patch has just returned home with a snack- a rainbow trout.

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Harriet said...

All work and no play makes for long, long days, I am glad you had a chance to sit and enjoy your "vacation" and hope the trout was tasty.