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Friday, 24 April 2015

We've Lost the Sun.

No sign of the sun today, just a grey haze with light rain in the late afternoon. It was a perfect day for working indoors. It has taken me the whole day but I have now cut all the pieces of board that I need to box in the pipe work. It was tricky cutting the wood to fit around all the pipes, the  sink and the toilet as there were curves in every direction. I carefully made templates from card but there were still many, trips to the workbench I had set up in the conservatory. Now everything is ready for assembly and Peter assures me we will attempt to fix the leaking pipe tomorrow. Wish me luck on that one.
Doing the work gradually has given me time to work out how to solve each problem and I've planned a storage unit for the other side of the tiny room. About 12" from the corner there is a hole in the wall through which 2 pipes come in about 2" above floor level. These pipes go across the room and exit at the far corner. One of the pipes is a flexible alkathene pipe bringing in our water supply and the other is a copper pipe bringing in the oil for the rayburn so they need to be well protected. I did have bricks on either side with wood on top but my planned storage unit will go over the pipes. Still no solution to the fact that my extra large washing machine stops the room door from opening properly. My previous machines fitted perfectly and I assumed that all washing machines were the same size. Silly me.
The sparrows are back nesting in the wall by our bedroom window and I've heard the sounds of young jackdaws in the loft above the old part of the house. What with the bats and the swallows this place is filling up. 

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Happyone said...

Good luck with the fixing of the pipe.
Sounds like quite a job cutting all that wood to fit together.