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Saturday, 18 April 2015


It's been bright and breezy today, not as warm as recently but perfect for airing out clothes that had got a little musty in their storage box.  They were mostly jeans and trousers in the 'I can get into them but they would look better if I lost some weight' category. I'd gone looking in the boxes because one of my flip-flops had broken. Sure enough I had a couple of pairs for casual/round the house wear and several fancier pairs which would be acceptable at work. All bought in the end of summer sales.
Much as I wanted to spend the whole day outside I did do some work in the downstairs toilet. I cleaned up the last of the grout from the tiles, wiped down the grubby pipework that had been behind the panelling and then there was my cunning plan. Even though I am going to rebuild the panelling that hides the pipes I couldn't stand the state of the bare plaster wall below the tiling. Some of the plaster dated back to the refurbishment before we came but some was much older, various colours and crumbly. Now it looks a lot better because I sprayed it all with a can of black paint that I happened to have. Well at least I will know what it looks like behind the panelling. I also painted the frame of the door sized window next to my piano. I think it's never had more than an initial undercoat  inside or out since we arrived.
Eventually I was able to get outside to do more tidying up of the outbuildings and then work on the scree garden. Some of the frosted curls ornamental grass had not survived the winter so with a lot of tugging out it came. There are various seedlings growing in the path so I can transplant some of those into the gaps. And yes I did have some me-time sitting in a sheltered corner with book, tea, fruit and cats.


Harriet said...

Ruta, Please name the flowering plants in your final photo. Lovely to look at, such color. I am delighted to read that you enjoy time sitting with tea, a book, your cats.....simply enjoying the outside.

Ruta M. said...

Those purple plants are aubretia which is a common cottage garden plant. It comes in shades of purple and is a perennial so once it's established you just leave it and get more and more flowers each year.