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Monday, 6 April 2015

Sunny Coast Walk.

It was such a beautiful day that we just had to go for a walk. The village of Mortehoe was crowded with holiday visitors and we were lucky to find a free parking space on the road. There were quite a few people out walking on the point and I noticed that a lot of dogs were not on the lead. Luckily there were no sheep around. It's lambing time so I expect the farmer has got them nearer to the farm and away from irresponsible dog owners.
There was a sea mist obscuring Baggy Point and Lundy had disappeared entirely. The coast guard helicopter was hovering over an orange buoy on another training exercise. 
Part of the coast path has been temporarily closed and a new path made a little higher up the hill. This is to stop erosion on the original route. Morte Point is such a beautiful and accessible place that it gets many visitors which does create pressure on the paths.
Naturally I had to go right up to the fence to look over the cliff into this inlet where there are sometimes seals. The tide was right out and so were the seals.
Further along the coast is the seals favourite spot and sure enough there was one sunning itself on the rocks. 
The gorse was in full bloom and in the warm sun it was giving off that lovely coconut smell. We stopped for coffee sitting on the rocks at the very tip of the headland, I could have dozed off in the warmth of the sun but we still had the hill to climb before returning to the village.
 Small wild violets were everywhere.
When I first looked in this garden in the village I thought that someone had stuck a plastic flower in for a joke but no, it was a real oriental poppy.  I have tried to grow them but they succumbed to the slugs after the first year.
At home I gave the windows a wash, cleaned some more paving, split logs and finally sat out in the sun to read more of the book on assessment. Parts of it where he gives ideas of different ways of questioning children and making sure that all of them are taking note of the lesson, are quite interesting but some of it is more relevant for older children. To follow his system does require a big mind shift and I just wonder how long it will be until the next set of ideas turns up.

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Happyone said...

What a great walk. We've had one of those beautiful sunny days here too today. : )