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Friday, 10 April 2015

Pollution Hits UK.

There was a change in the weather this morning, it felt cooler and the morning was quite hazy. That might have had something to do with the pollution predicted for today though it was the south-east rather than the south-west that was due to get the worst of it. More local pollution was on my mind when I went to hang some curtains on the washing line only to realise that there was still a whiff of slurry in the air. So the curtains went over the rayburn to dry.
I went into town to change my library books and do a few other things. I came home with a nasty headache more likely due to the fact that I hadn't taken any of my sinus tablets (I try not to take them all the time) than the pollution. After a rest in the sun, which had made a welcome reappearance, I cleaned and painted another of our bedroom windows. It looks and feels like rain so I guess our sunny spell is over for a while. We haven't had a fire for the last few nights but I've got one ready for tonight to counteract the evening chill.

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Happyone said...

A little sunshine does wonders. : )