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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Sunshine and Showers.

I woke this morning to grey skies and heavy rain. Luckily the rain had all but stopped by the time I was up and about. A lot of my morning was spent working on stuff for school but I also measured and wrote a list of all the materials I need to finish off the downstairs toilet. The afternoon at school went fairly well though the lap top in one classroom refused to recognise my pen drive. That's the temperamental lap top that only works if the power cable is wedged upright with a resin block containing a scorpion. I never rely on the IT systems at school and as a back up I had printed out the photos of the local church that I wanted to show the children.
After school I went into town with a long list of things to do and buy. After almost a year of deliberating, researching and then designing (or rather trawling through LOTR art books) I finally went to book having another tattoo done. Because I want Tom, who did my first tattoo, to do it there is a very long waiting list and he is fully booked until the middle of August! And I was hoping to have it done for  wedding I'm going to in June. I've made the appointment for August but I asked if they have any cancellations could they get in touch.
Barnstaple has some interesting architecture, bits of which go back to Medieval times but being a working town it has a lot of very ugly buildings too. Look what they've done to the poor tree, there's another couple like that as well. Let's hope they recover.
We had some short heavy showers during the afternoon. I got caught in one when I was in town and my raincoat was in the car. Another shower at home gave rise to a brief rainbow. 
And here are my 'rainbow' eggs. Since we no longer have our own hens Peter buys free range eggs from a mate, a tray at a time. That's too many for us so he gives some away to other mates who in turn brings us wine from France or slices of home-made savouries (man cooking).


Harriet said...

Lovely photo of the pheasants, the tree.....I often wonder if a "real" tree surgeon or arborist actually is consulted when trees are trimmed. Rainbow...lovely.

Happyone said...

Like those eggs. : ) I loved the ones that Kathy gave us. I don't think I can go back to eggs from the store.