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Friday, 17 April 2015

April Showers.

It was still warm this morning but a bit overcast. Today's job was to gloss paint all the woodwork around the roof of the outbuildings. The swallows didn't seem to mind me being there. There are 2 pairs now, one taking up residence to the right and the other to the left. Thankfully the mirror doesn't confuse them as they swoop in under the shelter and veer left through the doorway into the pump room.   
I had a lovely afternoon working with one of my reception classes. After phonics I took them to the Secret Garden. I warned the children about the brambles and stinging nettles of which there are plenty and much to our (us adults) surprise not a single child got stung. The only injuries were one grass cut and a knee dimpled by kneeling on the gravel - serious stuff! I set the children off in their groups playing hide 'n seek which seemed to involve more running than hiding. After quite a few games with different children being the seekers I said they could have some time just playing. It was pleasing to see that many of them split into friendship groups and carried on playing hide 'n seek. 
There were a few spits of rain when we were in the Secret Garden but luckily the showers held off until the end of an extended playtime out in the field. The poor parents coming to collect their children at the end of the day got a bit wet. I went into town after work to change my library books and buy a roll of lining paper for some of the walls in the downstairs toilet. Some of the original paper is too damaged now to be just painted over. Peter came home happy from an afternoon of clay pigeon shooting with some mates from work.

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Happyone said...

It is so nice to hear about children actually playing outside with each other. Don't see that much anymore.