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Wednesday, 15 April 2015

They're Back.

This morning I went up to the outbuildings to look for some tiles when I was greeted by a volley of chittering. The first of the swallows had returned. I assume that there are 2 of them but I've only seen 1. I haven't quite finished spring cleaning their home but hopefully I won't disturb them too much. The paint is flaking off some of the wood under the eaves there so today I sanded it right down. I was going to give it a coat of primer this evening but one section of wood was damp (I need to sort out the lead flashing there) so I'll wait until it dries. Which shouldn't be too long in this glorious weather. It's still sunny with a bit more chill in the breeze. I've also just looked through the window and seen the first new beech leaves on the garden hedge, that's 2 weeks earlier than usual.
This morning's tiling was rather tricky, I tried to replace a tile that was 90% behind the cistern but no matter how I tried I couldn't prop it up (too many pipes in the way) and it kept sliding down. I gave up in the end and stuck on the next tile. That too needed supporting but I was able to jam some wood underneath it. I used the same method on the final strip of mosaic tiles on the other side of the mirror.
My teaching afternoon at school passed without incident. The meeting after school was an 'all members of staff' meeting to discuss/ start the process of school remodelling.  
This buzzard was sitting on the fence as I came home.

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