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Monday, 20 April 2015

Bright and Sunny.

It was a chilly start to the day, possibly even frosty though I didn't look out of the window for too long before dozing off for an hour after my early cuppa. That's such a luxury especially when I find it so hard to get to sleep. Once I did get up there was the usual round of housework before I pulled off the wall paper on 2 walls of the downstairs toilet. I also measured up to see what wood I need to box in the pipes. I'm going to use conti board because then I won't have to paint it.
Driving to work is such a pleasure these days, the trees are greening up, lambs are out in the fields and wild flowers line the country lanes. Even in town there are drifts of petals below magnolia, camellia and cherry trees. At school I taught 2 sessions of PE out in the sun which was very pleasant. After school I went over to buy the boards but the sizes weren't quite the same as I needed. Rather than make an expensive mistake I wrote down all the measurements available. These I checked and now I know for sure which ones to get. I'm off out again this evening to a parish meeting as that local farmer has yet again put in another application for an enormous wind turbine. 


Happyone said...

Love the red against the blue sky! Beautiful.
The ride to work sounds lovely!!

Harriet said...

Ahhhh, your wisteria so lovely. Best luck with the turbine request. Your photos gave me a nice life as today in Michigan it's chilly, windy, gray and showers.