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Sunday, 5 April 2015

Happy Easter.

I started my day by listening to the sunrise service from Ely Cathedral. In all the fun of chocolates, bunnies and Easter eggs it is good to reflect on why we are celebrating Easter. No visitors this holiday but it was lovely to chat with Romas earlier today. 
The warm wind continues to bring a mildness to the air but it wasn't quite as sunny as yesterday. I had planned on not doing any serious work today (apart from the pressure washing) but several good painting days have gone by when the forecast had been for rain so I decided to get the brickwork around the windows painted. I don't know why I thought I wasn't going to get any paint drips but I learnt my lesson quickly and brought out some dust sheets to protect the window sills and the ground below. That still didn't prevent a speckled effect appearing on the windows which I scrubbed off when each window was done. I've put off cleaning the windows properly until tomorrow as I don't trust myself not to put my hand on the wet paint. 
This morning I was reminded what a nature lovers' paradise this place is. First I found a peacock butterfly on the floor of the back room then as I took it outside a wren scrambled out of the honeysuckle on the house wall and chirruped crossly at me before flying off. I turned around and there was a big toad on the paving and while I put some gloves on to put him in the flower bed before the cats found him a wood pigeon was cooing in the trees. That made a pleasant change from the raucous rooks.  
I did eventually settle down in a chair to enjoy the mild afternoon but I forced myself to read the first 2 chapters of Embedded Formative Assessment that we have been told to read this holiday. Interesting but heavy going. Now we are about to have a beef rib joint for our Easter meal.


Billy said...

Daffodils are my absolute favorite flower! Pretty!

Happyone said...

Happy Easter a day late. The picture of Jesus on the cross says it all.