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Thursday, 16 April 2015

Birdsong in the Valley.

The weather has been almost perfect today, sunny with enough breeze not to feel too hot. At one point there were some dark clouds and it felt like it might rain or worse but then it brightened up again. Having the whole day at home made things even better. I did have a moment of panic in the middle of the day when I started wondering if when my colleague asked me to work 'next Thursday' did she mean next week or this week? It was already lunchtime so I sent a flurry of messages to people I thought would be checking Facebook on their phones (my phone needed charging so I didn't have their numbers). Eventually I got a reply telling me that it is next week and was able to breathe a sigh of relief. When I used to do supply teaching in a number of schools I always worried that  I might forget to turn up one day. Luckily that never happened.
Having made sure I didn't need to rush to school I went back to tiling. One tile needed cutting to size and because it was a heavy tile my little tile cutter wouldn't break it down the scored line. I had to resort to sawing the tile by hand with a hacksaw. I got there in the end. 
I've spent most of the day working outside and it was only with great reluctance that I came back inside at 6.00 to iron the sheets and pillowcases that had been on the line. As well as washing woodwork and painting the bare wood on the outbuilding I cut all the grass. Later in the afternoon I took a break on the sun lounger reading my book and listening to the birdsong echoing through the valley. It was blissful.

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Happyone said...

Sounds like a beautiful day. Glad you could spend it outside instead of working. : )