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Friday, 1 May 2015

All Grey.

It's been a grey and chilly day with some rain, typical weather for a Bank Holiday weekend. The gig club are at the Isles of Scilly  this weekend and while it's great fun to go I wouldn't like to be camping in the cold and wet.
I painted 2 more coats of stain stop today, one before and one after going to work in the afternoon. I was asked to provide an activity for the reception children in the afternoon so I took in my big bag of animal glove puppets. The children enjoyed playing with them. I did talk a little about 'characters' and voices for the educational input so the fox which was one of the most argued over did a mean line in howling. Some of the children played under the tables which was fine as the chairs had already been stacked for the weekend. Not having a specific task to do with the children left me free to make written observations on the child initiated activities which is how you are supposed to make assessments at that age. After work I went over to BJ's and bought 24 surfina petunias for my hanging baskets. I got 3 different colours; burgundy which is really purple, purple which is hot pink and sky blue which is more lavender. I've grown my own white trailing lobelia from seed which I'll plant in the baskets when it has grown on a bit. 

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