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Sunday, 31 May 2015

Admin Day.

Very windy and a bit cooler today.  I could have worked outside but instead after I had done my school planning for tomorrow I backed up every last photo file on my pc. It's a tedious process because if I try and copy a group of files it grinds to a halt part-way. So it's one slow file at a time. At the same time I got on with some tidying up around my desk and in the kitchen. The pile of stuff to be got rid of is satisfyingly large especially as Peter cleared out old books and manuals from his study that are no use anymore.
This tub outside, which I use when I'm picking up slugs and snails, was empty on Thursday. I got out a ruler and that's 6" of rain we've had in the last 2 days! 
 Some things were early this year but the May blossom has been a bit late.

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Happyone said...

Wow that's a lot of rain in just two days.