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Friday, 22 May 2015

A Quiet day.

I woke up this morning to a misty and much warmer day. I don't know if it is the tooth, a virus or simple tiredness but I feel so weary today and yes my jaw is still pretty sore. Yesterday I was feeling achey which is why I wondered if it could be a virus. At least because I'm on holiday I could have a quiet rest day and apart from my morning routine I have done very little.
I've still got another day of only eating cold soft food which doesn't work well with my diet. My usual breakfast is porridge which is soft but not cold so today I waited until it was almost cold and my lunch of fruit and Ryvita and supper of a salad are cold but definitely not soft. So I've steamed my salad vegetables; tomatoes, red onion and red pepper, until they are soft and when they are cold will add my home made honey and lemon salad dressing and some cottage cheese. With all this care over my food I'm not sure where making a 1-minute coffee mug cake fits in. I just felt like giving it a go. When I saw how much butter - 2oz, and sugar - 50gms were going in it looked like far too much for one portion so I divided it between a mug and my little cup. The result was tasty though the one in the mug overflowed and I think it would be better to do it in large silicone muffin cases perhaps doubling the quantity and making 4 desserts when we have guests.
As I took a gentle ramble around the garden I saw that I wasn't the only one attracted by the scent of the yellow azaleas. A Humming Bird Hawk Moth was busy visiting the open blooms. 

When I walked around the scree garden I wasn't best pleased to see evidence (lots of goose droppings) that the geese had been visiting.  Bees on the other hand are welcome visitors.


Happyone said...

Hope you get your energy back and you are feeling back to normal.

Harriet said...

Excellent photo of the moth. Do you have Humming Birds in England?

Ruta M. said...

Unfortunately only in some tropical aviaries. It's too wet and miserable for them otherwise.