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Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Afternoon Sun.

The day started off quite grey and gloomy but the sunny spells got longer as the day went on and now it's nothing but blue sky. 
I had a long weeding session around the garden ending up by the scree garden which needs a lot of work. I eventually gave up due to an aching back. Before I settled down to read I had  a trial go at spray tanning my legs. Although I live in shorts at home my legs are always very slow to catch the sun. That normally doesn't worry me but I don't want them so pale when I wear my dresses at Rachel's wedding in 11 days. I did it properly exfoliating, shaving and moisturising first and then spraying, hopefully evenly. (With my fair hair I never normally have to shave my legs.) I'm hoping just to match the tan on my arms, not the orange shade some wannabe celebs seem to like but the spray darkens after a while so I don't know how successful I've been yet.
The jaw ache is finally settling down but today I noticed my breath wasn't too good. Then I started wondering about the stitches. I was told the dentist would take them out at the next appointment, which is not for another 6 weeks. A quick check on the web told me that the stitches should come out 7-10 days later not 7 weeks! I rang the dentist to make some inquiries and was told that the first time my dentist could see me was next Monday afternoon - when I'm at work so no good. After a bit of insisting on my part they rang back and offered me 8.45 this Friday which will have to do. 


Happyone said...

Oh my 7 weeks would have a very long time!
When I had my wisdom teeth pulled a few years ago they used stitches that just dissolved and I didn't have to go back again.

Billy said...

Yes, I also had the stitches that dissolve. Glad your mouth is feeling better.