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Saturday, 23 May 2015

Bluebell Woods.

I took this photo of a stag in the woodland next to the house yesterday evening. He was still there dozing in the sun when I woke early this morning (woken by my throbbing jaw). How lucky I felt being able to sit in bed with a cup of tea, enjoying the sunny morning and watching the stag reflected in the wall mirror. I even (and I don't know why I was surprised at this), was able to use my binoculars to watch the stag more closely. Eventually he wandered off but I'm sure I'll see him again. Last night I got so paranoid about the geese making a mess on the paving that I went out just before 10.00 to see if they were there again but they weren't. The crescent moon was out but it was still light enough to read a book comfortably.

As today is supposed to be the best day of the weekend we went for a walk in the Kinevor Valley by Morthoe. The woods were full of bluebells and wild garlic and as we walked we could hear a cuckoo calling.
The valley opens out to to Bennett's Mouth, a rocky beach where we stopped for a cup of coffee. The valley had been deserted but there were quite a few people out on the cliff path.

 Thrift growing on the beach.
As we climbed up the steep path to the top of the cliffs the air was filled with the almost overpowering perfume of the wild Burnet roses covering the hillside. Later we walked between banks of flowering gorse and the hot still air was filled with their coconutty scent.  
The Kinevor Valley - we walked along the stream which runs through the trees from the top centre of the photo out to the left of the photo.
Half-way up the cliff path from Bennett's Mouth. We walked along the cliffs to the lighthouse at Bull Point and then turned inland along the lighthouse road.
When we got home a friend (Steve) we haven't seen for a while turned up for a chat. After he left and Peter went into town I cut all the lawns including most of the fiddly bits so the garden looks nicely tamed. I brought in some old wood so we can enjoy a fire tonight while we watch the Eurovision Song Contest, a family tradition. Peter bought me a bag of pretzels as a not too naughty snack to eat while we enjoy the show. I wonder how long Peter will last before falling asleep?


Harriet said...

Lovely photos, my eyes took a beautiful walk. Thanks, Ruta.

Happyone said...

Oh I remember watching that when we lived in Scotland.
Such pretty photos.