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Wednesday, 6 May 2015


More wind and rain today. My job for the morning was to paste the borders around the window in the downstairs toilet. Not so easy in an old building where straight lines are hard to find. As it has been nearly 20 years since I put up the original borders I had forgotten which order to stick each piece on and made the mistake of leaving the trickiest bit to the end. Only then did I realise that I should have done it first so that I could tuck the trimmed edge under the straight line of the outer border. A quick unpeeling of the the edge of the outer border before I left for work sorted out the mistake. I didn't try and rush the job but left the last bit for after school as I had to use several pieces carefully matched on the pattern. I can't remember if I had the borders left over from the first time or if I bought some extra but I'm glad that I had them. I'm lucky that I had enough, this is all that was left over, any less and I would have had to rethink my design.
I was teaching in the afternoon followed by a staff meeting. A quick trip to the Co-Op before rushing home to my DIY. At last I am getting to the stage where the room is looking better each time. I hate the stage when you pull everything out, all the tools are in there and it looks a mess but now I keep glancing in there to see how white and bright it looks.

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