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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Wild, Wet & Windy.

A storm has been blowing all through the day bringing heavy rain and an occasional glimpse of the sun. Right now the wind is whistling around the back of the house and the lone tree is waving its branches dramatically.
I found it quite hard to wake up this morning especially as Peter has added some holiday days on to the weekend so he wasn't up to hand me a reviving cup of tea. I had set the alarm for 6.00 but woke up at 4.45 with the radio chattering in my ear where I had forgotten to press the sleep button. Easily done at 2 in the morning. I was teaching all day and had just got my head around the morning plans when 20 mins before the start of school we found out that a teacher was off sick. So I ended up spending the first hour in one class and then half-way through the lesson swapping over to the other class for the rest of the morning. In the afternoon I had the 2 reception classes for outdoor PE. The first group got most of a session outside with footballs but it was raining too hard to take the other class outside. We started off in the hall for a while and then had the rest of the session in the classroom. Football in the classroom! The children sat in a circle and rolled the ball across to each other. Not too exciting but better than no PE at all.
Then straight home to paint a second coat of gloss paint and stick up one section of lining paper that I had mistakenly thought I didn't need (got myself mixed up as where the narrow and wide borders go around the window.) I think I'll have an early night tonight.

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Happyone said...

I love seeing the dark sky when the sun it out too. Great picture.