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Friday, 29 May 2015


More fun and games when I went to the dentist this morning. For some reason they asked the earlier dentist, the one who I refused to have treat me again after he hurt me, to talk to me perhaps because he had initiated the treatment. He took me up to his treatment room, started telling me about the treatment (which I already knew) and then started asking what I wanted to do next. I told him I was seeing Sirri who had already taken out my tooth and I was there to have my stitches out. Even when I said I had been told Sirri would be taking them out he just said that's okay he would do it. Thinking that Sirri was dealing with some sort of emergency and that it was only the stitches I let him take them out. In the meantime Sirri was looking for me in the waiting room! The practice manager appeared then and I told her I had been put in an awkward position as I hadn't wanted to be totally rude and walk out of the room but I needed to talk to Sirri about the next steps. Anyway Sirri checked and I don't have any infection, there was just a little food trapped where I hadn't been able to brush over the stitches. I told her that I'm so fed up with all the delays that I've decided that the other tooth will have to go. No hanging on for months and months hoping for a referral for the re-root canal filling then waiting 6 months for it to settle etc. She actually had a cancellation and offered me an appointment next Tuesday morning but I don't want to take a chance of being late for work and teaching straight after an extraction wasn't the best idea. Instead I have an appointment in 4 weeks time.
Despite the sunshine in the photos the morning was wet. Not a fine drizzle but torrential rain. Windscreen wipers on double speed and water across the road rain. That changed my plans and instead of returning home to fill the car with stuff for the dump I put petrol in the car, went to Tesco's and went straight on to the garden centre to meet up with my friends. There were 6 of us today enjoying a good chat, coffee and cake. By the time we had finished the rain had stopped, at times it was even hot. I decided to spend an hour in town as I had my library books and a bag of stuff for the charity shop with me. Once I got home I could have done some gardening but I had a bit of a headache and decided to have the rest of the day off. 

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