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Monday, 18 May 2015


We've had some wild weather today. This morning the wind was so fierce that as I drove past the gateway to Youlston Park a gust pushed my little car sideways. A bit scary for me. Besides the wind there have been frequent showers but fortunately it stayed dry for my 2 PE lessons. I went into town before work for an appointment. A friend had given me a voucher for the beauty salon and now that Rachel's wedding is near I thought it was time to get my eyelashes dyed. My short, fair eyelashes are a bit of a lost cause especially as I tend to rub mascara off so don't generally bother. However I do always smudge a line of eyeliner pencil along the lower lid. For once I parked in the main car park and took the opportunity to take a stack of Laura Ashley plates to the charity shop.
I took these dramatic photos as I was driving home. I may even use one to cover my new academic year diary. 
At school I was very pleased to find that I had won a prize in the raffle at last Saturday's coffee morning. As I wasn't there for the drawing of the raffle Nic had chosen for me, she knows me too well! In the hamper were chocolates, some bath products, face masks which will come in handy for a bit of pre-wedding pampering, scented tea lights and this pretty cup and saucer. I had been thinking about getting a cup so that I could make these tempting microwave cup cakes though they will have to wait until after the wedding as I've still got a few pounds to lose to get to my wedding goal. 


Happyone said...

How nice that you won the raffle. : )
Your photos are beautiful. The lighting in both of them is spectacular.

Ruta M. said...

That's God's work not mine.