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Saturday, 16 May 2015


The sun has been shining today though it has been a little chilly in the wind especially when the sun went behind a cloud. 
This morning I went to a coffee morning organised by a friend in aid of Lori a lady who has terminal cancer whose only hope is a treatment not funded by the NHS. A case of pay £70k for the treatment privately or accept a 9 month prognosis. 
My afternoon was spent pottering around the garden, mainly cutting grass in various places using the long handled shears. After that I needed a bit of recovery time out in a sheltered spot with coffee and my book. My fun day is not over yet. This evening I shall be joining some friends for the Nightwalk, a ladies only night walk in aid of the local hospice.We'll be walking along Saunton Sands on the 5 mile route. I am able to walk 10 miles but not at a good walking pace with my arthritic knee. Last time I did it, it was a great walk along the beach with a fun group of friends. 
I looked out of the window 10 mins ago to see a hind walking on the back lawn! I tried to sneak out to get my camera but she saw me and disappeared across the stream. I'm wondering how she got out of the wooded field which has a high deer fence (to keep the deer out but some are in there anyway). I've recently been in touch with the owner of the woods who has given permission for local residents to walk in the woods (he gave me the number for the combination lock on his gates so I didn't mention that we can climb in from our end). I might actually get around to exploring the woods rather than just watching through the window.


Happyone said...

I love the tunnel the trees make.
So sad about Lori.
Hope your walk went well.
Is a hind a deer?

Ruta M. said...

For some reason female red deer are called hinds and the males called stags rather than does and bucks.I just hope they don't get a taste for my garden plants.