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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

A Walk Around Morte Point.

It felt like a typical British summer's day today. Bright and sunny with a breeze that was quite chilly at times. Too good a day to stay at home so off to Morte Point we went.  
As it's the school half-term holiday there were a fair number of people about. (Peter finds stopping and starting not good for his arthritis so I end up with a lot of photos of his back.) The tide was in so there were no seals to be seen, only a lone shag (a type of cormorant) diving to the depths in search of fish. 
Spot the ewe and lamb on the rocks. Most of the sheep have been taken off the Point, possibly for shearing and/or for the main gates to be left open for the tractor rides. Not our sort of thing but great for anyone who has difficulty walking. 
Once home I was determined to make the most of the good weather (rain has now set in), and spent the afternoon gardening. More weeding plus some work in the vegetable garden which has now been turned over to propagating my favourite plants to take with me when I finally  have to leave my lovely garden. For once I used weedkiller on the plants growing on the concrete under my washing lines and then because I had rubber gloves on I pulled up a lot of stinging nettles. Easy enough to do as they are about 3ft high. My last job was to plant the white trailing lobelia that I had grown from seed in the hanging baskets. And of course I found time to sit in a sheltered spot, cat on my lap, coffee to hand and a book to read.
The result of my self tanning was mostly fine -ish, need to spray a bit more evenly and perhaps not in a stiff breeze next time. Good thing it comes off fairly easily. 


Billy said...

What a breathtaking view! I hope to travel there one day. It's on my list of places to visit.

Harriet said...

Lovely, lovely photos....yes I found the sheep. Glad you and Peter were able to enjoy a nice walk and the beauty that surrounds you.