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Sunday, 10 May 2015

Ta Da !!

Drum roll please ...... I give you our refurbished downstairs toilet. It's taken a month but finally I've finished. All that's left to do is a coat of white gloss on the door which I'll do when I'm having a painting day. And I wouldn't mind a maidenhair fern to go on the window sill. 
This morning I shifted the washing machine (wearing steel toe-cap wellies in case of accidents), stuck down a couple more lino tiles then screwed 2 blocks of wood together to make sure that the washing machine doesn't 'walk' which it does a little, back and damage the oil pipe behind it. 
For this project the materials I already had were; the blue tiles, the window borders, lino tiles and adhesive, ceramic tile adhesive, grout, white gloss and emulsion paint. The materials I had to buy were; stain stop paint, wood hardener, a new joint for the pipe and the conti boards. I feel I have made good use of our resources.
The 'before' photo I took a month ago. The room also had a bare concrete floor, crumbling woodwork and a leaking pipe. 
I am most proud of the storage unit. I made all the other boxing over the pipes in sections that just slide together so that it is easy to access the pipes but I had thought I would need to make the storage unit more permanent. But working very slowly and thinking carefully about the shape of each piece I was able to make it so that the pieces slot and slide together.
Step 1 - Place sides and lower beams together. I did have to screw the facing on to the front beam but the rest is all separate. 
Step 2 - Slide in the base piece which has a batten screwed to the back. 
Step 3- Slide the back piece so that the notch goes over the side piece and pull forward into the recess. This stabilises that end of the unit. 
Step 4 - Place the top which has a couple of battens screwed at the end and back, onto the top of the unit and it is done. 
The view from the corridor, if I didn't have an extra large washing machine the door would open properly but there you go. Next project here I come.


Harriet said...

Ruta, you did a wonderful job. I was glad to read your took some time to read, all in all.....super DIY job.

Happyone said...

Great job!! It looks so nice and I love the window little topper and trim.
All your hard work paid off.