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Thursday, 7 May 2015

General Election Day.

I shan't be talking politics as I a - might get rather heated and b - might offend people but today is the day we all get the chance to vote for our government for the next 5 years. You know you live in a small rural community when you turn up at the village hall (above), gosh doesn't it look tiny. (A generation ago it was the village school,) wander in to see 3 booths for voting and be greeted by first name by one of the voting officials who you've known for years. 

 View from the village hall car park.
 Some of the country lanes I drove down to get to the village hall.

I was teaching all day and then went into town to visit the library so it was later on that I went to vote. While I was in town I bought myself another extra large sleeveless t- shirt which I shall alter to make a loose tunic top for work. So many of the summer tops around, even the sleeveless ones have quite high necklines which just aren't me that I get quite excited when I find a top of the right shape even if I have to do some alterations.
PS When I left for work early this morning the geese were in one field with their 7 goslings and the 5 grown up geese from last year were in the other field. 

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Happyone said...

It's like that where I live too - people knowing you when you walk in to vote. : )
I like it!!