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Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Bye, Bye Golf Clubs.

It was grey, windy and cold this morning, a bit of a shock after yesterday but then it brightened up again in the afternoon. As I drove off to work at lunchtime 2 ponies were asleep in the field, one of them completely flat out and in the same field the geese and their 7 goslings were also snoozing in the sun. 
It's so nice to have the world fresh and green again and the roadside verges are a mass of wild flowers. 

 How's this for a daily commute?

Peter had finally conceded that he isn't likely to play golf again (I reckon it could be 10 years since he last played) and he agreed that it would be better to give away his golf stuff. So after work I drove into town and then wheeled the golf trolley with bag and clubs up the High Street to the Hospice charity shop. It's a good cause and that's a bit more space cleared in the back room. I'm not too sure when I last cleaned that particular corner but it had a good scrub this morning before I moved in the box containing the camping chairs that I had to keep moving every time I wanted to get to my paint store.


Harriet said...

Lovely commute to work.....must make for a pleasant eye passage from rural to town and children.

Happyone said...

A great view on the way to work.
That road reminds me so much of the road that leads to HT.