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Wednesday, 13 May 2015


After Yesterday's chill it was good to have a sunny and hot day. In the morning I finished planting up the last 2 hanging baskets and added the petunias to the other baskets. One of the baskets had been missing a plastic planter so I improvised using an old plastic salad bowl into which I drilled some drainage holes. The other one had lost a piece from inside so I used a plastic picnic plate with more holes drilled into it. Then I had a very happy hour weeding one of the hardy geranium beds. 
It was so hot that I wore a skirt to work, as I drove up the hill the goose family were resting in the shade of one of the big trees down by the lake. 
When I came home they were out grazing on the grass but the parents shepherded them  away when I stopped to take some pictures.
Yesterday I got so fed up with having to sort out my device cables, not to mention having to bend down and pick them up from their usual resting place on the floor, that I glued clothes pegs to my desk to keep them tidy. (Note my very high-tech phone!) There's still 1 unidentified lead which must be mine as I have colour coded it with a pipe cleaner so I'll stick another peg or 2 on. (Peter says I should patent it.)

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Happyone said...

Good idea with the clothes pins. It made me smile. : )