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Saturday, 2 May 2015

Brain Freeze Moment.

It's been a grey day with a constant light drizzle. It didn't affect me too much as most of my work was indoors anyway. The water stain on the ceiling of the toilet has had coats 3 and 4 of stain stop which hopefully should be enough. Then I spent the afternoon putting up wallpaper, lining paper to be accurate. I only had 4 small pieces to do but 1- I've very limited experience of wallpapering and 2- I had to paper around an electrical socket, pipes on the wall plus fitting, uneven walls and a number of corners. At last it's done, not perfectly but it will do. Early on in my wallpapering I spent 5 minutes going back and forth looking for the pencil I knew I had just been using. And then I found it tucked behind my ear! (I normally put it in my pocket.)
Outside I released the surfinias  from the back of the car and planted them in the hanging baskets. I hope I've got them sorted into the right colours as a few of the labels had fallen out in the car. I also split some more logs and brought a barrow load of wood in. The only thing about having a wood fire is that it invariably sends Peter to sleep. It's not the snoring I mind so much but having to explain the plot of tv programme he has missed. Usually I stop what we are watching and change to one of the documentary series we have recorded. At the moment we save 'Vikings' for Saturday nights, it may not be historically accurate but it is well filmed and exciting to watch.


Harriet said...

Good jobs done, Ruta. I am reading a book "Boys in the Boat" that is about the 1936 Olympics and the rowing team from University of Washington in Washington state. As I read, I have Peter on my mind. Rowing is without a doubt exhausting. This book is so interesting.

Happyone said...

Another busy day for you. Pretty flowers.

You made me smile with your pencil story. I did the same thing with my sunglasses today. Couldn't find them and then realized they were on my head. : )