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Sunday, 24 May 2015

An Indoor Day.

Last night's Eurovision song contest was great fun though we do miss Terry Wogan's cutting comments. Peter didn't fall asleep at all, maybe because it wasn't cold enough to light the fire.
They were right about the weather. For most of the day there has been a soft drizzle only clearing up now in the early evening. I'm so glad I did the mowing yesterday. Instead I sat at the pc and did all my planning for next term's RE including assessment sheets. It's a nice topic, looking at how books and stories are used in religions and beliefs. It's a 7 week half term so we have time to look at some Old and New Testament stories as well as stories from Hinduism and Buddhism. As the lessons are about 25 mins we won't be going into great depth but it will be fun to do. I've also made a good start on backing up my photo files onto an external hard drive. I still haven't got into a routine of backing them up maybe once a week so it would be my own fault if my pc dies and I lose precious memories.
 Even a wet morning creates photo opportunities as certain plants get some added sparkle. 

I was taking some scraps up to the compost bin when I heard a commotion in the lake. The 7 goslings were having a splash about in the water. 
Then something frightened them and ...... 
       ....... they swam off to the safety of mum and dad.

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Happyone said...

Love the water drops.
Cute pictures of the geese. : )