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Saturday, 9 May 2015

Getting Stuck In.

The day started off wet but brightened up in the afternoon. I found half a tub of cork tile adhesive which was perfect for sticking down the lino tiles. I pity anyone who tries to get those tiles up again. That was a fairly straightforward job though working around the heavy washing machine posed a few problems. I thought I could stick down the tiles then shift it over but the tiles moved too. Right now the front of the washing machine is propped up on a bit of wood. Tomorrow when the glue has dried I can wriggle it back into place. There'll be a bit of bare floor right underneath it but I'll keep a few of the left over tiles. 
I had to do a bit of shimmying to squeeze around the door which wouldn't open due to the piece of wood under the washing machine and with all the bending to check and cut templates for the tiles around the toilet and sink pedestal (I wanted to get a really good fit) I was whacked out by the time I had finished. The sun came out and I had a long break reading my book outside. The last job of the day was to mow the lawns as the wind had dried out the grass for the first time this week.

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