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Tuesday, 19 May 2015


The cold wind is still bringing frequent showers. This morning I made another of my Heath Robinson inventions - an extension to the outside sill of the stair window. Because of the size and pitch of the roof at the back of the house when it's raining heavily water shoots off the roof, bounces out of the gutter and waterfalls down past the window. It then lands on the cylindrical oil tank which sends the water back to the wall of the house creating damp. This is my second attempt and this time I think it will work. I found a piece of wood that could fit over the window sill and extend to the far side of the oil tank so water will be sent away from the house. Because I didn't have enough lead flashing to cover all the wood I used lead at the top end with some roofing material on the lower part. When I first looked at the photo I thought it didn't show the extension clearly but then I realised that it is a good thing that it blends in well and doesn't hit your eye when you look out of the window. The real test will be when we get heavy rain. (Several builders have tried adjusting the gutter to solve this problem without success.) 
Once again it stayed dry for my PE lessons which today were all about throwing and catching. At one point they were in small groups throwing bean-bags around the circles, all except one group of girls who spent the whole time arguing over whose turn it was to throw. 
It was still  nice and bright when I got home so I had a sort out of my plant pots, lots to take down to the dump, and then spent a happy hour scrambling about on the bank and weeding in the sunshine.

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