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Sunday, 17 May 2015

Deer, Deer.

Not only was there a hind in the garden yesterday but driving home last night I came across 2 more on the roads. The first was about a mile from home, as the crow flies and I had to stop while it readied itself to leap up and over the 10ft high hedge. The next was a stag on the far side of the woods which come down to our house. 
This was the view as I set off on yesterday's Nightwalk. I arrived a little late so my friends had already started but unfortunately the message they left for me didn't get passed on. I caught up with them just after they had passed the half-way mark and we had a pleasant and chatty walk back. The reason that I was a bit late was an accident on the main road which was completely blocked. There was a queue of cars and up ahead I could see vehicles right across the road. I did a U-turn, went back to Mullacot Cross and took the long way around the coast driving through Georgeham and Croyde. (I've had a quick search for more information but no mention apart from an accident at Mullacot Cross earlier on which involved firemen and the air ambulance and a 3 car collision at Chivenor at around 5pm. Must have been some silly driving because conditions were fine.)
We were treated to the sight of the sun setting over the sea as we neared the end of our walk. It was dark enough for me to switch on my multicoloured flashing shoe laces which I had wound around my ankles. The  end of the walk was marked by a burning brazier and we were greeted by the sound and sight of a samba band who had Christmas lights around their drums. Very welcome were the hot drinks and bacon baps given to each participant. 
 It was this dark!

Today I've been outside clearing weeds and stones from the edge of the little lawn by the back door. As I was working this robin kept appearing, sometimes with a beak full of bugs, to see what else he could collect for his family. He would come down to within 2 or 3 ft of me. At one point he perched on the handle of the long-handled shears but had no purchase so slid gently down to the bottom. 
There were a few big stones to move and I kept finding tiny newts which I re-homed away from my digging and raking.

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Happyone said...

Thanks for answering my question. : )
Sorry you missed half of the walk with your friends but sounds like a good walk.
Like your robin. It is smaller and has more red that our robins here.