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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

A Visit to the Dentist.

Today I had an early morning phone call asking if I could come in to work. I had to decline as later on I had an appointment to have a tooth taken out. It was a shame to loose a morning's pay but then again it can be a bit stressful rushing in at the last minute to teach with no preparation. When I booked the appointment back in March the next available date for this dentist was in July and I wanted to get things started asap. My appointment was for 11.00 but even as I was booking in I heard that she was running 40 mins late. That left things very tight for me as I like to be in school by 12.30 ish to prepare for the afternoon though the children don't start until 1.20. As it was my appointment began at 11.40 and was over in half an hour. This is a much gentler dentist than the previous one I saw, she even rubbed on the 'magic' numbing gel before doing all the injections. Fortunately the tooth came out relatively easily with only a bit of pain. Putting in stitches took longer than the actual extraction. They don't normally put in stitches but with the medication I take I end up with a 'dry socket' and need antibiotics. The stitches should keep the hole closed until it heals up. It was a bit embarrassing turning up at work with my mouth puffed up like a hamster because of the swab I had to keep in for an hour. Once I'd taken that out and had a painkiller it wasn't too bad and I coped with  an afternoon of 2 phonics lessons as well as RE. 
 Seen this morning, a company name to inspire confidence?
For once there was no staff meeting as everyone was working on reports. All I had to do was extract my RE planning from my emails, write a few notes and pass them on to the Year 1 teachers. After that I went to the Co-Op to buy some ice-cream. On the extraction after care notes it says to have an ice-cream and pain killers after one hour, (didn't have the ice-cream due to being in school) and to eat cold, soft food for the next 3 days. Ice-cream for supper then.


Happyone said...

That dentist appointment sure didn't sound like fun!!! Hope it heals up nicely and quickly.

Benny Murray said...

It’s great that your visit to the dentist was not as painful as you have expected. And while you had to deal with stitches afterwards, at least it made it easier for you to recover faster, rather than leaving it open to heal naturally. Anyway, I hope that you are feeling well right now, and that you’re close to fully recovering for it. Take care!

Benny Murray @ Dental Care Of South Jersey