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Friday, 15 May 2015

Weird Clouds.

I got home from work today to find this beautiful hand-crafted invitation from Vytas and Sally with a blue necklace incorporated. The small card is a stamped and addressed reply card though I think they might be able to guess that we will be coming to the wedding. 
The day had started bright and sunny though at lunchtime it all turned grey and I wondered if I had made the wrong decision leaving my coat at home. It did brighten up later and got quite warm. On the way home I could see 2 weather fronts colliding producing some very weirdly shaped clouds.

I've had a good day at school teaching the children how to write instructions. Before they wrote any instructions they had a 'poor' example to correct. I'd written a rambling first person account of making a jam sandwich but had not given it a title. I sat with one group of children and asked what they thought the instructions were for. One child said toast and jam when I pointed out there had been no mention of doing anything to the bread apart from putting butter and jam on it he said with sudden comprehension 'Oh, raw toast and jam!' That did make me laugh.

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Happyone said...

Oh how nice, a wedding coming up. : ) That's great news. : )
Congratulations to Vytas and Sally.