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Monday, 4 May 2015

Mostly Grey.

The wind has been blowing from the south so it has been quite warm today. I spent my morning in the garden  doing what I love best, a bit of 'here and there' weeding, pulling out any weeds that have strayed into the planted areas. I also did a thorough weeding of the path and bed around the small pond. After a long session outside I came in for the 3 C's - coffee, cookies and co-codamols with 2 cats sitting on my lap.
Once rested it was time to work on the downstairs toilet again. A final coat of white paint on the walls and ceiling, a first coat of white gloss on some wooden bits and re-grouting of the tiles on the window sill. The end is in sight. 
Yesterday evening I went out and had a last session with the pressure washer going over the white coping stones around the scree garden. It felt very odd this morning not starting my routine by unrolling the electric cable up the hill to the scree garden for the first lot of pressure washing.  It was a long job but worth it.


Harriet said...

Lovely photos, Ruta, I especially enjoy seeing your wisteria.

Happyone said...

We've had a nice sunny warm day today.

Sounds as if you'll be done with the bathroom any day now.

Beautiful photos as always. : )