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Thursday, 21 May 2015


I'm not too sure what the weather has been like today as I've been teaching all day. I know it's been dry and it was sunny in the afternoon. It still feels cold in the wind and I'm back in my fingerless gloves at the pc as my hands were freezing. 
Today's class was one I don't teach often but things went reasonably smoothly. I stayed after school to mark all the books and was on my way home by 4.30. Next week is the half-term holiday and as I'm not working tomorrow I'm now officially on holiday. 
It looks horribly as if the sparrows' nest has been raided. As he was getting into his car this morning Peter saw a bird go up to the sparrows' hole in the wall and then fly off with a small bird - fledgling? in its beak. I went out and saw a female blackbird flying right up to the sparrows' hole and though it happened quickly I'm sure it grabbed a fledgling out of the nest. And now it all seems very quiet there. A quick search of the web has only shown one possible similar case with a blackbird though magpies are well known for nest raiding.


Harriet said...

Lovely white rose, what are the other flowers? Sadly, nature being what it is, we are always surprised by the theft from a nest whether fledglings or eggs. Today I planted my annuals. I shall hobble for a few days.

Happyone said...

Such pretty flowers.
We've had a gentle rain here all day. Good for the farmers.

Ruta M. said...

The top picture is of a red rhododendron planted over our 2 to last dog, Sprite a rescue dog and the picture below is Ajuga Repens a creeping ground cover plant.

Harriet said...

Thanks for the plant names, Ruta. I thought one was Ajuga but the rhododendron stumped me until I took another look at the leafs. Hope you are feeling better.