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Friday, 20 March 2015

A Partial Eclipse of the Sun.

Not the moon but a crescent sun partially eclipsed by the moon at about 9.15 this morning. The morning had started off overcast which was ideal for photographing the sun but as the time for the eclipse drew near the sky cleared leaving just a few clouds. Luckily a cloud provided a bit of a filter and I got a few shots. I tried the manual settings to shorten the exposure time but I think the best photos were with the automatic settings.
The rest of the day has been beautifully sunny. I did a bit more pressure washing and was able to complete that section when I got home after teaching in the afternoon.
Friday afternoons are generally more relaxed at school and I just had to listen to some children read. At playtime there was a real party atmosphere as one of the staff had brought out a wireless large speaker which was playing pop music from his phone. A lot of the children spent all playtime dancing to the music and we saw some impressive moves. We had a longer than usual playtime then went in for story and then it was hometime. 
I left school before 4.00 and drove home in the bright sun. It still gets chilly at night so I split and brought in 2 more loads  of wood for the woodburner.
While I was uploading photos I've been hunting for Super Novae with Zooniverse stargazing project. It's quite addictive as you hope to find a successful possible super nova. The last project I did with them was categorising marks on the surface of Mars.

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