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Friday, 13 March 2015


Another woodmouse  is now back out in the fields after getting caught in the mouse trap under the kitchen sink. I released it on my way to work this morning. The cold weather front is still over us bringing grey skies, lots of rain and a bitterly cold wind.
The weeping willow tree at the end of the school field.
Being Red Nose Day it was a light-hearted day in school.  The children were in their own clothes, wearing red or fancy dress, and as well as the red noses, deely-boppers or glasses there were a lot of face paints and Red Nose Day tattoos. As this year's theme was funny faces, during assembly 13 of the staff had their faces 'done' with either face paints or make up by children whose names were drawn from a hat. The results were rather amusing and pictures are already up on the school web-site I'm afraid I didn't volunteer but I had coloured the end of my plait blue with hair chalk. Just about all of the staff myself included were wearing jeans as they are not considered professional wear for every day teaching.
Lots of dark clouds on the way home.

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