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Sunday, 8 March 2015

Wet Morning.

After the last 2 days of beautiful weather we woke this morning to rain. I had plenty of school planning to get on with and at least I've sorted out the rest of the term. Only 3 weeks and then it will be the Easter holidays.
Things brightened up in the afternoon so I spent time in the scree garden clearing moss and leaves from the stones. It gave me some good thinking time (school stuff) with the accompaniment of the rooks cawing in the trees. It's a shame my neighbour didn't shoot the nests out of the trees in the winter when they were unoccupied as now the rooks are settling back into the nests ready to hatch the next generation of noisy youngsters. 


Billy said...

Love the daffodils! They are my favorite flower!

Happyone said...

Love the raindrops on the daffodils. Looking forward to seeing daffodils in my yard sometime. Not a sign of them yet though.