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Thursday, 26 March 2015


A bright but chilly day today. I was working all day but it was a very relaxed day with the children finishing off their Easter hats. Some class teacher job candidates paid us several visits but I had already spoken to the children and made sure they were able to talk about the teaching objectives of the activities they were doing. Otherwise it might have looked as if they were just cutting, sticking, colouring and copying words. 

It stayed nice and bright in the afternoon for the Easter Bonnet competition and everyone got sweets to take home. I stayed in school to print off photos of the children to take home tomorrow as not all the parents were able to come along. Then I was free and my Easter holiday begins. Because Easter is so early this year we've had a very short half term, only 5 weeks. But the summer term has 2 long halves of 8 weeks each. It's a sad thing to say but as soon as we come back from a holiday we know the exact number of weeks and days until the next holiday.
Lambs are now appearing in the fields. This is the closest I could get on my way home. Once home I cleaned out the conservatory gutters, started washing the paving and gave the hanging basket brackets a coat of black Hammerite. The forecast for the next week is not too good so I tried to take advantage of the dry evening.

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Happyone said...

How nice that the weather cooperated for you today. : )