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Saturday, 7 March 2015


With a warm wind blowing and the sun shining it has been another beautiful day. The windows and doors have been wide open and it was cooler inside the house than out in the sun. We're still having plumbing problems and now a piece of the little pump we were temporarily using has fallen into the depths of the tank. Peter drove all round town trying to get a replacement part or something that would do but the place he needs isn't open until Monday. I even tried fishing in the depths but couldn't find it. Ho hum. My job for today was to trim the big hedge. The hedge trimmer made the job a lot easier but I cut the higher bits and the top with secateurs and loppers. Balancing on a wobbly ladder and holding a heavy piece of equipment that has the potential to cause serious injury did not feel like a good idea. While it wouldn't meet any topiary standards the hedge is at least tidy.
After all my exertions I had some time to sit out in the sun and read a book. Even my legs, or at least the sections between socks and rolled up trousers, got a little sun too. 


Billy said...

Looks like a beautiful day indeed! We are spending time out in the yard as well, preparing the grass for spring. Everything in Oklahoma and Kansas is brown due to the drought. I am hoping for rain and that our spring will be a green one.

Happyone said...

Everything still covered in snow here.
You are quite the worker. Glad you had some time to relax and read too.